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    Hey there,

    Welcome to my portfolio website! Let me take a minute to introduce myself.

    I started my design journey in 2013 at a startup called VV Look. We were creating customizable accessories for glasses. It was meant to change how the world thinks about accessories, woohooo! We worked a lot and finally launched our first Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, we had less than 20 backers for the first couple of days and our campaign (and product) failed. I learned my lesson but my love for design never left me.

    I've seen a lot since then. I've been living in San Francisco start up world for more than three years and I love it here! I was lucky to work with the smartest people designing products in many different fields like transportation, logistics, e-commerce, TV, computational biology, business and law and others. I am passionate about understanding users and designing engaging experiences for them.

    My favorite part is distilling complicated problems into simple, minimal solutions. I like challenges and puzzles and it's always interesting to see how people react to new design solutions and concepts. I like finding the best way to go for our users and for business. Validate and iterate!

    I really value close collaboration between team members and different departments. I think the best products are being made in collaborative environments with short feedback loops.

    I am currently working at FR8Star.com on a two-sided marketplace in trucking, connecting shippers with oversized/overweight cargo with carriers who knows how to move it. Complicated and interesting stuff.